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The psyche of your dog and of your cat.

Posted on 2008.08.16 at 10:43
Gurdjieff discusses the differences between the consciousnesses of cats and dogs, from "Beezlebub's Tales to his Grandson." (p.199)

"A good example for clarifying what I have just said is the difference between the already definitely crystallized presences of the psyche of your dog and of your cat.

"If you pet your dog a little and get it used to anything you please, it will become obedient and affectionate to the point of abasement.

"It will run after you and cut every sort of caper before you just to please you all the more.

"You can be familiar with it, you can beat it, you can hurt it; it will never turn on you, but will always humiliate itself still more before you.

"But try the same on your cat.

"What do you think? Will it respond to your indignities as your dog did, and cut the same humble capers for your amusement? Of course not...

"Even if the cat is not strong enough to retaliate immediately, it will remember this attitude of yours toward it for a long time, and at some time or other will get its revenge.

"For instance, it is said that it has often happened that a cat has bitten the throat of a man while he was asleep. I can quite believe it, knowing what my have been the cat's reasons for it.

"No, the cat will stand up for itself, it knows its own value, it is proud, and this is merely because it is a cat and its nature is on the gradation of Reason where according to the merits of its ancestors it just should be.

"In any case, no being, and no man, should be angry with a cat for this.

"Is it its fault that it is a cat and that, owing to the merits of its ancestors, its presence occupies such a gradation of 'consciousness-of-self'?

"It must neither be despised for this, nor beaten, nor ill-treated; on the contrary, one must give it its due, as one occupying a higher rung on the ladder of evolution of 'consciousness-of-self'."

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