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The Seven Learned Sections

Posted on 2008.08.26 at 13:44
Gurdjieff discusses the seven sections of learned studies of the Akhaldan society, from "Beezlebub's Tales to His Grandson" (p.299)

"The learned members of this first and perhaps last great terrestrial learned society were then divided into seven independent groups, or as it is otherwise said, 'sections' and each of these groups or sections received its definite designation.

"The members of the first group of the society Akhaldan were called 'Akhaldanfokhsovors', which mean that the beings belonging to that section studied the presence of their own planet as well as the reciprocal action of its separate parts.

"The members of the second section were called 'Akhaldanstrassovors,' and this meant that the beings belonging to that section studied what are called the radiations of all the other planets of their solar system and the reciprocal action of these radiations.

"The members of the third section were called 'Akhaldanmetrosovors,' which mean meant beings occupied with the study of that branch of knowledge similar to that branch of our general knowledge we call 'Silkoornano,' and which partly corresponded to what your contemporary favorites call 'mathematics'.

"The members of the fourth group were called 'Akhaldanpsychosovors,' and by this name they then define those members of the society Akhaldan who made their observations of the perceptions, experiencings, and manifestations of beings like themselves and verified their observations by statistics.

"The members of the fifth group were called 'Akhaldanharnosovors,' which meant that they were occupied with the study of that branch of knowledge which ombined those two branches of contemporary science there which your favorites call 'chemistry' and 'physics'.

"The members belonging to the sixth section were called 'Akhaldanmistessovors,' that is to say, beings who studied every kind of fact arising outside of themselves, those actualized consciously from without and also those arising spontaneously perceived by beings.

"And as regards the members of the seventh and last group, they were called 'Akhaldangezpoodjnisovors'; these members of the society Akhaldan devoted themselves to the study of those manifestations in the presences of the three-brained beings of their planet which proceeded in them not in consequence of various functionings issuing from different kinds of qualities of impulses engendered owing to data already present in them, but from cosmic actions coming from outside and not depending on them themselves."

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